Y.E.H. Renewable Energy Consultants

Established 2005, Y.E.H. have been consulting on solar technologies for residential, commercial and agricultural sectors. We present proven comprehensive solutions, providing feasibility analysis, financial viability, design, product selection, extraction, installation and commissioning.

Our vision is to provide a platform to connect solar generation with energy management technology, offering simple and compelling solutions to complex energy problems.

Our core mission is to provide top quality energy solutions as well as representation of innovative manufacturers and products that shape the energy market today and in the future.

Our focus is on providing solutions that improve the performance, intelligence, reliability and safety of solar heating and power systems

Understanding the New Zealand climate and geography, Y.E.H. has overseen over 5000 m2 solar installations at a total of 20.2MW that have generated in excess of 2.8 million in sales.

Through our passion for renewable energy we keep abreast of technology advances to ensure the creation of smarter and more efficient energy systems that meet both the Green Building and Home Star standards.