The Orchards Village Auckland– Apartment Building

Orchards Village

The village is owned and operated by Metlifecare
The building offers self contained apartments, care units and communal areas including restaurant, gym and swimming pool.

Two different solar energy technologies are featured in this 6 Homestar rated apartment building, constructed in 2016.

The solar water heating is generating hot water for the care units level In addition, each apartment has a solar water heating system.
The solar pool heating is generating hot water for the swimming pool

  • The apartments Solar water heating system rated 1.71kW consisting of 1 Solar thermal collector and 180 liters solar hot water cylinder
  • Annual heating generation of 1,965kWh per apartment
  • The hot water plant is consisting of 3000 litres storage tanks and 16 solar water heating collectors to an array rated 27.2kW
  • Annual heating generation of 31,440kWh
  • Solar pool heating system rated 27.9kW consisting of 20 solar pool heating collectors
  • Annual heating generation of 20,300kWh